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The Best Day to Grocery Shop

Do you generally do your shopping on Sundays? Lower prices and shorter lines might make it worth it to reschedule your shopping trip. The majority of grocery stores release their weekly sales on Wednesdays, making hump day the best time to restock your pantry. According to Lifehacker, some stores even honor sales from the previous week. We’ll take two sales at one time any week of the year! The weekly sales section is updated in Key Ring as supermarkets release new deals, so make sure you check it out to see what’s available to you. If you want to learn how to subscribe to the sales section of your favorite supermarket, read our user guide. Remember that even though the majority of stores release sales on Wednesdays, every store has a different routine. Be sure to double check with your local supermarket to learn when they usually announce new sales.

Want another tip? Wait a second before you plan your shopping trip for right after work on Wednesday! The 5 to 7 pm time slot during the weekdays is the absolute worst time to go to the grocery store. Most people stop by the store for a “quick trip” to pick up a few items on their way home from work, so you might be facing crowded aisles and long lines. Try to wait until around 8 pm on Wednesday. The later in the day, the faster grocers want perishable items off the shelves and into your cart. You’ll notice more markdowns on items such as meat, fish and baked goods. Another benefit of going later in the evening is extremely short (or nonexistent) lines.  Want to shorten your trip even more? Put your grocery list in Key Ring so that you know exactly what you need the minute you step in the store.

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