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Plan Your Patriotic Party (On a Budget!)

Mobile Shopping

The cost of red, white & blue themed bashes can add up faster than the grand finale of fireworks. Not to worry! There are plenty of ways to cut back the bill without cutting back your guest list.

Browse the Weekly Sales Section

Many grocery stores and drug stores have great 4th of July deals. Click on the weekly sales tab in your menu bar to check out the sales happening this week near you. When you see something you need, click the magnifying glass icon to view the item details and add it to your list. The item will be automatically tagged with the retailer it’s associated with so you won’t be wondering where to find that great deal you saw. Don’t know what to look for? Here are a few star-spangled staples to keep your eyes peeled for when scouring the weekly sales section:

  • Soda
  • Hotdogs, Hamburgers & Buns
  • Cups & Plates
  • Pool Games & Toys
  • Chips & Dip
  • Fruit
  • Condiments
  • Sunscreen

Make a Grocery List

Making a grocery list will prevent a repeat of the year you served hotdogs with no buns.  Your guests won’t have to politely claim they’re trying to go “carb-free” again this year. Gone are the days of spending half an hour devising the perfect grocery list, only to leave it on your kitchen counter. Make a “4th of July Party” list in Key Ring, complete with notes and awesome deals to make sure you don’t need to send anyone back for ketchup or chips. If you’re co-hosting a party, share the list with your co-host to make sure you don’t purchase the same items. Both hosts will be able to add or edit items at any time. The best part is your list will automatically update when any changes are made!

Make a To Do List

The best feeling in the world is being completely prepared, organized and ready to celebrate at go-time. Set-up your “4th of July Part To-Do” list right next to your grocery list so that everything you need is in one place.

Follow these tips and you will be ready to sit back, relax and watch fireworks with your guests this year. If you need to brush up on how to use the lists feature or browse the weekly sales section, visit the Mobile Shopping 101 User Guide on our blog. Check out our Red, White & Blue Pinterest board for frugal party planning ideas. Happy 4th of July! 

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